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Listening Game for Danny

This email contains a really fun listening game with variants for large and small classes.
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Class size: Small group and classroom variations

Level: Ideal for beginners to lower intermediate

Age: 4 to 12

Materials: None required, some optional ideas for props

1. How to Play

This game is excellent for practising new vocabulary, or for
revising large amounts of known words.

A. Small Group Variation:

Stand in a space with the children all around you and close to
you. The children should either be touching you with an
outstretched hand, or you can tie scarves around you and each
child holds onto the end of a scarf. The younger children love
this kind of prop, but it is optional. Another optional prop
is to stand on a square of coloured paper. The children must
all have one foot on that square.

The children must stay touching you, or holding the scarf until
you say a specific word.  When you say that word you can try
and catch one of the children and they have to escape before
you do.

As I have said before, with the very young children it can be
necessary never to catch them as it can make them cry.

So for example start by telling the children the magic word, it
could be "summer".  You now start to say words such as spring,
winter, autumn, sun, rain, etc. When you say, summer, the
children must run off and you try and catch one of them.  You
do not necessarily have to chase after the children, you can
just try and touch one of them before he or she has let go of
you, without you actually moving from the spot. If you like you
can make a rule where you are allowed to take one step only.

You can add great variety to this game by changing the way you
say the words. Sometimes you can use a flat monotone for
several words and then suddenly say a word with great
enthusiasm. This alone can make some children let go of you
even though you did not say the magic word.

You can also add variety by changing the set up. For example
you may have the children seated around you on the floor. When
they hear the magic word they must get up and move away to
safety.  You can also use ideas such as having the children
balance on one leg while they listen out for the magic word and
then clap and run away when they hear it. If a child
cannot balance, or forgets to clap before running away he or
she is out.

Instead of having children who are out sit around getting bored
and restless, let them just sit down for one turn and then join
back in again, or have them do a forfeit. There are plenty of
fun forfeit ideas in my e-book of games.

If you have a strong group member you can let them take your
role in the game.

B. Classroom Variation:

To use this idea in a classroom situation where you have desks
and chairs plus too many students to play the small group
version you can adapt the game as follows:  Use the magic word
idea as described above but this time the children must clap
when they hear the magic word and the last one to clap is out.
Or the class sit down on hearing the magic word, and last one
seated is out. Use any action you fancy that suits your
classroom situation.

2. Language ideas to use with this game

This game lends itself to any vocabulary.  You may also use
short sentences by way of revision, or in preparation for
introducing those phrases properly later in the lesson, or in
the next lesson.  For example you could have the word train as
the magic word and say, I like buses, I like cars, I like
planes, I like trains! Replace the phrase I like with more or
less anything that you would like to practise.  For example if
you want to teach the past continuous then the magic word can
be reading and you say sentences such as I was driving, I was
walking, I was reading!

If your children are too naughty then use a quiet version of
the classroom game and have a rule where any noise and the
child is out, or loses a point for his or her team.

I hope you enjoy using this game with your pupils soon.

Kind regards

Shelley Vernon

P.S. From Anthony Bennet in South Korea, who has these games
and the preschool games and stories:

"Your resources are already saving me heaps of
time and lessening the anxiety from having such a hectic and
mixed teaching schedule. I'm teaching 4 kindy, 15 elementary
and 50 middle school students."

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