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Funny Writing Game by Vernon

Today I am sending you a fun writing game, which you can use in a variety of ways, and I'll give you plenty of examples. The game is called Writing Race and it's lower down in this same email. I'd also like to let you know that you can have a truly bumper pack of games and materials, all included with the
original e-book.
161 English Language Games for Children Includes 60 games for large classes 16 hours of elementary lesson plans with activity
sheets 375 colourful printable flashcards plus various printable games such as funky bingo sets, colours and numbers pairword sets and other games.
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Here is an easy, fun writing game, which you can use with
small to medium class sizes. You need some room between
desks in class, or you could play in a space. You can
adapt this to your circumstances apart from if you are in a
lecture theatre type environment with no room to move, then
sorry, you can't use this game - (instead you can use the
games in the large class special edition if you get the

Writing Race

1. How to Play

2. Language ideas to use with this game

3. Materials to use with this game

4. Tell a Friend
Writing Race

Category: Writing

Group size: From 2 players to medium-sized class

Level: Beginners to intermediate

Materials: Pens or pencils and paper

Age: 4 to 12

Pace: Wake up

This game is to be played once your students are familiar
with the vocabulary and sentences that you wish to
practise. This game is particularly good for practising
specific grammatical points or spelling.

It adds a really fun twist to worksheets!


I suggest dividing the class into pairs, threes or fours,
but no more than four per group.
Each group has two pencils, one worksheet and one blank
piece of paper (see materials section for examples).
On the word Go! The first child of each pair or group runs
to the worksheet and fills in the first item. The pencil
stays with the worksheet so the children are not running
with them. He or she then runs back to the blank piece of
paper and writes the item out in full there. If you have
long sentences then you'll only ask the class to write out
the relevant part or it will be long and laborious.
As soon as the first child reaches the blank piece of paper
the second child can run to the worksheet and fill in the
second item, leave the pencil on the desk and run to the
blank piece of paper. The first child should have finished
writing out the item by now, and either runs back to the
worksheet to do the third item, or waits in line until his
or her turn comes round again.

Here is a concrete example of how that works. Using the
worksheet for a/an provided the first child runs to the
worksheet and fills in item 1, in this case 'an' before
elephant. The child then runs back to the blank piece of
paper and writes out 'an elephant', while the second child
runs to the worksheet and fills out item 2, and so on.

A variant is to have two worksheets - either identical for
reinforcing newly learned things, or different ones for
revising a greater number of items.

When the worksheets are all filled up the game is over.

For marking I suggest that everyone marks their own, or the
sheet is marked by the group. Each person or group can
have three lives, which means that as you go through the
answers, they can rub out three incorrect answers and
replace them with the correct ones. This means that it is
highly likely that the whole class will get 100% which is
great for the feel-good factor. In addition the fact of
rubbing out the wrong answer and rewriting the correct one
helps learning far better than a big red cross does. Now
if any children rub out more than 3 incorrect answers then
I say so what? Let them, just pretend you haven't noticed.

If a child squeals on another then you could say, thank
you for helping but in this case it's better if you
concentrate on your own worksheet. That has got to be
better than putting the spotlight on the child who has got
so many wrong answers that they have to keep rubbing them
all out!

2. Language ideas to use with this game

This game lends itself to any language as long as it is
short - being a writing race it isn't practical to have
great long sentences to write out. However if you use 2
worksheets and just do fill in the blanks then the
sentences can be as long as you like.
If you wanted to reinforce some spelling then you could
have one worksheet which the children run to, they memorize
the first word, run back to the blank piece of paper and
write that word down from memory while the second child
runs to the worksheet, and so on. You could use that idea
for very short sentences or vocabulary. For example the
worksheet could just have pictures on it, the child looks
at the first picture, runs back to the blank piece of paper
and writes down the word.
Those are two spelling ideas. You can also use fill in the
blanks, and that means you can practise just about
anything, such as question forms, verb endings, parts of
verbs, vocab, pronouns, etc.

3. Materials to use with this game

To give you an idea I have prepared a worksheet for a/an
and another for the present tense including question forms.

I have not included pictures because in this case the game
is sufficiently fun in itself, but you can make up
worksheets with pictures too. I have made the worksheets
dense so if you feel there is too much there for your class
then you can fill in one section and leave the rest for
another lesson.

You can access these two worksheets by visiting the web
page below. If the link is dead please copy and paste it
into your internet search bar and press enter.

4. Tell a friend

If you know someone who would like this game, please feel
free to let them know by visiting:

I hope you enjoy using this game with your pupils soon.

Kind regards

Shelley Vernon

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